“We will continue to nurture as the best seafood supplier in the region.”

It has been 7 years since I joined the seafood industry as a partner with one of the biggest group in Pakistan.

By getting born and bought up on the coastal belt of Gwadar (a fishermen town on west of Pakistan), acknowledged the finest and liveliest taste and real pleasure of fresh seafood since childhood.

After 5 years of great efforts and limitless learning process and of course with hard working and enthusiastic squad, I have taken over my family owned fish freezing and processing facility in Gwadar, the as MIR SEAFOOD (formerly ran by other partners). By working smartly with a great team, the Almighty Allah have helped us achieve immense success within a short span of time. Furthermore, the group support empowered us to take over another of family owned partnership factory formerly known as Sur Seafood (now part of MIR SEAFOOD).

Initially, we have struggled to preserve the freshness and real taste of the catch. Training the workforce and improving the freezing system by installing state of the art machineries, helped us achieve our goals rapidly.

We take excessive care in the preservation of the quality and taste at every step of processing and freezing. By constantly supplying unvarying excellent quality seafood, MIR SEAFOOD has successfully gained confidence of its clients and earmarked as a trustworthy and reputable brand in the international market.

Now MIR SEAFOOD is well established solely operated company with 2 freezing facilities on the coast of Gwadar. It has total freezing capacity of approximately 80 tons per day with the storage of around 400 tons. Continuing to grow immensely day by day.

Our main aim at MIR SEAFOOD is to supply the Best Quality seafood consistently and to keep our Clients Satisfied and Consumers Healthy, by the patronage of Cheerful Workforce.


Mir Maqsood Kalmati